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Potato Beets
bernerners in perjermers
lyricmaniac wrote in barefoot_vegan
Real easy, real tasty, 3 ingredients.

Cook white potatoes and beets until tender. Cut into bite-sized pieces. Stick 'em in a sautee pan with a bit of oil. Lightly dust with onion powder. Cook until just firm around the edges. Serve.

My baby loved it too. Really healthy, really easy, really quick. Enjoy.

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hehehehe Depends how subtle. Lemon works too, but not much of it. Just a wee tad. Lemon works better if you grate the beets instead of dice them.


But, is this canned beets or fresh? (I've only eaten them twice, so I'm a newbie here)

I make it fresh. I feel it's much tastier. I'm sure it'd work with canned, but I always tend to go with fresh as much as possible. I feel it's especially important with root veggies and beans because they soak up some of what they're preserved in. Not a terribly huge fan of that. Try to get yourself some fresh beets and cook them like you would a carrot or turnip. Be careful though because they'll stain more fiercely than the canned beets. If you get them with their greens, you can eat their greens too like you would spinach.

I totally just failed and put

thanks Andrew ;)

I put sliced onions instead of potatoes, did I just screw myself?

Beets and onions go very well together, but it might be too beet-y for you. The potatoes cut the beet flavor just a bit. Makes it a lot more mild. I'm curious to find out how it tastes with sliced onions and how well Andrew takes it.

was SO good. I ate like 3 beets! LOL my pee was bright red this AM (TMI I know, I know).

I see only one problem with this recipe: Jake hates beets. I'll just make it for myself and Ben and Jake can just deal ;-)

Everyone hates 'em probably because they're so strong, but like this they're really not. The onion takes a large bite out of their flavor. They're SUPER healthy too. I'm big on eating the rainbow, and I can't think up any other reds for monkey.

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